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Life is only beautiful for those who know how to live it.

Meia Lua


In a shantytown in Brazil, a man refuses to let his physical disability prevent him from living a full life, becoming the first known capoeira master with paralyzed legs, and fulfilling his dream of being able to live with his son.

Director Statement

My first passion was capoeira (Brazilian material art).  I met Meia Lua who got around by using his arms as legs and hands and feet, as his legs were paralyzed. I chose him as my capoeira master. Many had prejudgment about my choice since Meia Lua could not do the basic steps due to his disability.

What kind of mindset must you develop to become a master of a sport where the basic steps are based on your legs – when you can’t use yours?

I learned with him to be the owner of my thoughts despite any circumstances. 

I followed my passion and made my first documentary about Meia Lua’s mindset.

When the audience watched Resilience they recognize their power to construct their life. The feedback from the audience made me discover that my life purpose was related to giving others the courage to embrace their uniqueness.

Keynote speaker


Sara Engström Bubenko
Sara Engström BubenkoLawyer
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"This is a fascinating story that in a simple but powerful way evokes many interesting thoughts about the role of the body. The portrayal of Meia Lua is intimate but respectful and as a viewer, you get to see the world through his eyes for a while, with great humility. Definitely w"
Rebecca Wallin
Rebecca WallinSocialantropolog
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"A very inspiring documentary that touches you deeply! Meia Lua has a fantastic attitude to life and shows how we can choose joy and opportunities regardless of obstacles."
Ingeborg Löfgren
Ingeborg LöfgrenTherapist
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"All educators that work with disabilities should use the film."
Rose-Marie Nilsson
Rose-Marie NilssonNurse
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"With warmth and humor, the documentary Meia Lua portrays the relationship between capoeira, family, and people. An attractive and life-affirming story"

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