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overcoming adversity – creating success from scratch

Founder Ricardo Koanuka arrived in Sweden, Malmö with nothing but a roll-up and a camera, and through hard work and determination, he created a successful production company by producing social media content.

With his talent as a director, he even won an award for his documentary Resilience, which has been featured in multiple film festivals and TV.

Ricardo faced cultural barriers and power structures that limited his success, but he found a solution by becoming a licensed master in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). By using NLP tools and techniques, he was able to create positive change in perception, communication, and decision-making.

He founded Outside Comfort Zone, a cutting-edge mind-training company that offers speaking courses and media training to help people overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their full potential.

Koanuka Films & Marketing transform your business into a powerful brand with cinematic storytelling and speaking techniques. 

We help you take your brand to the next level by effectively communicating your brand’s message to attract your ideal customers.

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In a shantytown in Brazil, a man refuses to let his physical disability prevent him from living a full life, becoming the first known capoeira master with paralyzed legs and to fulfill his dream of being able to live with his son.

Full length: 26 min. Contact for screening and lecture.

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No more bullshit stories
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