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Level up your communication skills for the year ahead to make an impact with your message, products, services or personal brand/influencer. 🗓️ Every first Wednesday at 19:30 - 20:30. Monthly digital sessions until June.
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Your full potential as an impactful communicator.

Empower yourself with advanced techniques to captivate your audience, convey your message with confidence, and make your voice heard in a noisy world with our speaking course.

Handle the toughest audiences: Engage your audience emotionally, and leave a lasting impression.

Practice authenticity on stage and camera: Master the art of storytelling and improvisation.

Business and career opportunities: Learn the art of persuasion and pitch your ideas effectively in a global context.


Book a workshop or course to start your journey toward becoming a captivating and confident speaker with modern storytelling techniques.


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Our interactive workshop is available both online and offline, making it a flexible option for your next event or workspace.


Public speaking course Malmö
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Define Your Story: Craft a compelling narrative that aligns with your goals and resonates with your audience.

Structure Your Talk: Learn modern techniques to structure your talk for maximum impact and engagement.

Practice on Stage and Video: Sharpen your communication skills through practical on-stage exercises and media training sessions.


Licensed NLP Master and mentee of Tony Robbins, Ricardo’s journey from battling self-doubt to international entrepreneurship shapes the transformative experience at Speak to Inspire.

From Brazil to Europe, he overcame language barriers through producing international speaking events and courses. With over a thousand global members, Ricardo is the driving force behind Outside Comfort Zone & Koanuka Films, a TEDx Organizer, and author of No More Bullshit Stories.

Recommended by:

dr. Job Kasweshi
dr. Job KasweshiMinister of health Zambia
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"Ricardo is great, focusing on building people. If you have the opportunity to attend his lecture please do it and you will never be the same again."
SBTF Sports Coach & Trainer for the Para national team.
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"Appreciate the music and Ricardo's reality-based way of speaking. Thanks for, in my perspective; a new lecture style"
Alexandra Goncalves
Alexandra GoncalvesPolice and television host
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"Ricardo is not only great on stage but also fun! He has so much knowledge of the things he is talking about. You will not be disappointed!"
Philipp Mitterhofer
Philipp MitterhoferLife coach
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"Ricardo visited us at SIngularity U and gave a very useful and inspiring lecture to find and live on your passion. He gave us tools and ideas to finding our way. I was inspired by him and took immediate action after his lecture!"

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