Before getting into consistency, I want to
talk about something that I call, “fake inconsistency”.

It’s when we believe that we
are not consistent, because
we didn’t find the thing that would make us
become consistent so we judge ourselves by
being inconsistent.

To give an example of mine, 
I changed universities four times. Everyone
used to call me inconsistent and I could never persist.

I believed that because at my first university I chose computer,  I left and chose tourism, I left and
started a theater, I left and did sports…

I could not be consistent until I found something
that I love.

When you connect
with something that you love – consistency will
come in a flow. Although, you will need to work on yourself of course! You have to train your emotional intelligence and your
mind to keep going forward.

For example to do this
Mastermind session each month for a year… it’s hard! I have to have to practice, plan and structure the session, not knowing what results it will give in the end but I know I’m on my purpose road!

What I want to say is:

Don’t judge yourself by being inconsistent
if you didn’t find the thing you love.

Find the things you love and what interest you.

Take Hamad in this Masterclass for an example!

He loves creating books and that makes him show up every day to create the books!

Consistency is a lot easier when we are on the path of our purpose, the path in life that fulfills us. 

First, you connect with your purpose.

Second, you take consistent action toward the things
you love.

Third, and after you take action you will get punched and you will need
to have consistency, and that’s where emotional intelligence needs to be

The road of almost done

Let’s say that you are connected to your purpose now and you decide to
open your business.

You print your business cards, create your homepage, and then you post something on social media about your new business and you get a lot of “likes” and comments.

You feel supported! Your mom, dad, friends, and even unknown people let you know how great you are.

You are pumped and do another post, a second one, and a third one but when you do your fourth one you don’t
get 100 likes and comments anymore, this time you only got 40.

You keep on posting but for each post, the number of likes declines. 

What is going on here?

I will tell you what’s going on. People start to think you are getting too consistent. 

What do I mean by that? Well, when you start to become consistent towards what you truly want, you might
remind others who
wish to have the consistency that you’re having.

Jealousy might lead them to not give you attention.

Every time you start something
you have beginner’s luck. That’s almost a rule. You just start and somebody buys your product and you’re like:

[ __ ] I’m gonna be doing this forever!

After a beginner’s
luck,  you lose the attention and you start doubting yourself. Then you might think:

“Ohm I don’t think I deserve that. I don’t think I’m good enough. This is not for
me and that’s where consistency should be applied.”

This is where consistency comes in. I’m just giving one example of starting a  business but can be within any area.

Maybe you start teaching salsa for example but only two students appear in your class. And your ego gets hurt so you stop pursuing your purpose because you start doubting yourself.

Instead, you need to apply consistency.

Another example. One of the mine clients asked me:

“I have had this business for three years but I’m giving up because I’m not selling.”

I ask her you:

But how long have
you have been having a normal job?

“I’ve been a worker for 20

So, this means that
every 25 of the month the check was coming to your account, right?
You’re addicted to the
paycheck because your brain knows that your money is finished by this time but soon that paycheck comes.
You create an addiction to that money that
will come. That’s okay, but if you want to have a business it’s different.

So, I told her:

You need to be consistent until  your body chemically will get used to the
uncertainty of not making that money or the same
the amount you did when you worked.  You need to be flexible, creative and
create a new system inside of you, because your body expects that money to
come so you can buy your 
food, drink your beer or
whatever you like.


Have you ever heard a person saying:

“I didn’t start yet because
I’m a perfectionist.”

Perfectionist doesn’t think
that you need to be almost perfect to start
something, that’s why they never start.  Instead, you should perfect while doing it. 

Compound effect

Would you rather have one million now or one penny doubled each day for 30 days?

The progress might be
slow and the results invisible but that doesn’t mean
it was not working.  consistency is always working like an invisible force that’s working all the time.

The life you have now it’s already a result
of some kind of consistency some compound effect
that you’ve been choosing in the past.

If you feel fulfilled with your life now, in this present moment and if you look back and do the calculation you’ll see that the life you have now is a compound effect of something that you’ve been
consistent with for a longer period, maybe years.

Even if you have been unconscious about what you have been consistent with, it has been compounding even if it’s not exactly the way you want, but you are
the result of that. When you are aware of that you can become more conscious of what you practice regularly.

I’d like you to pick one priority that could take you in the direction you want to go, a goal that would take you closer to the place you want.

Let’s do a time travel together. I would like you to go to the future in your mind, and picture yourself living the life you desire. What colors do you see? How does your life feel?
Connect with this energy and see in your timeline when this
is happening. How many weeks, months, or years from now do you live the life you desire?

We are the results of everyday small choices.
These choices we made took us to this moment. Every
small thing that we do, and don’t, that we think doesn’t
have an effect creates our lives in the long term. Let’s call it the compound effect.

The compound effect it’s that time you “only” eat one piece of the cake, but eventually will lead you to eat a bigger piece of cake, and eventually, you’ll
eat a whole cake in a day.

you know the
The same thing with the training if you do 10 push-ups
every day eventually you’ll be doing 20-30 you
know the same with the book you read 10 minutes
of a book every night eventually you’ll be reading
like a book in a week if you understand how the
the compound effect works for 17 days one million
was valuing more okay but after the day 18
the compound of that penny started to become
a million and then 2 million 5 million
eventually, on day 30, it became 5
million so what’s the importance of
the small things we do every day that’s the
the thing that’s because everything compounds
so it has a study that shows that the
results we do today only will show
actually in the compound effect after 18 months
in our life, we’re not saying only about behaviors
we talk about also thoughts you know which kind
of thoughts are you compounding inside of you
Do you know which kind of which kind of
self-talk are you compounding inside of you
which kind of behavior compounding
you know in your family in your body you know the
things we say to ourselves so that the fun is is
that you know with a penny if you would try to
take out if people try to go out of the compound
the effect you know you would not make all that money
you would you wouldn’t make five million if you
would stay that’s the consistency you have to
stay you know you have to be consistent and you
can keep going forward what do you think about
this that we just stuck uh no I was thinking
about this what you said about our thoughts
that maybe there are things that we don’t i
used to have that thought it doesn’t matter
then we have that thought again and again and
again and okay how many times did I have that
thought there have been times when where I say
really bad things to myself how many times do i
do that how does that affect and how much easier
do I go to that side and especially this with
the cake became bigger because that’s
like oh yeah that’s true even if you
as you said if you do because then 10 doesn’t
feel like anything anymore and then you add two
more as you would say also on the other side oh I
can add a little bit more cake it doesn’t matter
yeah so so yeah I think it’s more powerful
then we think to stop in those small details
the compound effect it’s working all the
time right even if you’re thinking it’s
not working it’s already working it’s it’s
like the compound effect works not when you were
thinking oh now the component folks are working now
it’s already working all the time this is how the
the compound effect works you know if you have
a behavior for example as you said if you have a
thought you know that just says you know I’m not
good enough or you ate uh one piece of cake or
you just drink one beer today or you see that you
know in the graphic that it starts only showing up
in the month 18 you know it’s even the
the whole time and in the month of 18 it starts to open
and you see with the length of the long-term start
the compound you know it starts open so
when we are doing things for example right now
in our life, if we think about our life now today
you may be thinking oh I don’t see
any results are invisible
it seems that nothing’s happening but it’s already
happening so it’s really important to see that
the things that we think that are not giving any
results are already giving results we stopped to
think okay [ __ ] should I act like
that or should I avoid thinking and doing that
action that I think that’s harmless in the
short-term and being conscious is consistency
we’ve talked about that consistency for me is
living in the now because you have to be very much
aware of your thoughts about where
you’re going because you can do this
consistent work but if you don’t get to like it well
I’m doing my push-ups but I’m still eating my
cakes that will keep you in a plus minor
and I think that that’s me right now
you know I’m doing my push-up but I’m eating my cake I see and I’m like when I don’t get rewarded
like I don’t get the outer reward where
I get like oh you did these push-ups here
so where’s the muscle you know what I mean
yeah so that’s where I have to be more um
have this more trust give it time
and have patience which I’m very very
known to have a lot of but you know I think
it’s all of that thing that started to while
talking and listening to all the of us you
know so consistency is so important that’s what
I take my consistency as living in the
now because if I want to be consistent I have to
be aware of what I wanted to do oh yeah you should
I had to be consistent why did I have to because
yeah because I wanted this oh then you can’t think
in that way so that’s how I for me consistency
is living in the now it’s true it’s
not a way to be consistent if you’re actually
not present because you’re actually should I if I mean if I drink this beer oh should
compound the fact you know why I will do that
if I drink this water you compound the fact we
do that we are more conscious to you know
take ownership of where we want to go in life
I believe that the new habits that I have
that I can implement are these and this and that
in my daily life so I can achieve this outcome
that I share here today we do these activities
uh and I know many times maybe we can even
judge ourselves with our answers you know like
oh I’m just saying something you know what I mean
I’m just saying something but the things like
you’re never only just saying something you
know the work I do here it’s a lot based on
you know neural linguist programming okay the
The power of linguist programming it’s actually
creating choices okay so even if you may think
that you’re saying something I’m just saying that
but you know not even me believe that for real you
are already doing some work for themselves because
you’re creating you creating choices that are
what we do here we’re creating choices in your
the subconscious mind is kind of like you know
imagine you always take the same road by bike
you know you go from your home to the work you
go through your home to do it can you always take
the same road one day let’s say come this
friend of yours that’s more creative and say
you know I know another road to go to the work
and then he takes you from this not-new world
that goes you know on the bushes and you play
and you stop in the same place that you used to
stop when you go by yourself only straight this
means that the other day you might continue only
taking the same road you took but now you have
an option that’s what we are doing here in this work
even if you don’t believe you started creating
options in your narrow pathways you create new
neural connections that maybe one day if we will
repeat that’s why I say repetition is the matter
of our skills because you start to make these
neural pathways are stronger stronger stronger
and eventually, you will choose these new paths and
there how change starts to happen because you’ll
be repeating so much that one day be like [ __ ]
you know today I will put that habit to
become a reality and you will compound that but if
you don’t do the training that’s what we do here
you cannot create a new road for your subconscious
mind to choose what was a new habit you
you said you will choose for yourself I’ve done
this thing that every hour from seven o’clock
until nine o’clock on the hour, I get this alarm
on my watch so even if I’m at work everybody gets
like all stressed out because everybody knows now
in work that my clock is going but I try to like
drink a glass of water and take that deep breath
so I think that it’s like doing stuff like that
that I need to detach like maybe I can when the
an hour goes I was thinking about like drinking that
a glass of water and saying something I don’t know
I released the past because it’s more of
an acceptance thing I need to work on I think
yeah I mean just by saying that and you know
by being present in this moment you’re already
working maybe don’t feel but subconsciously
you’re already doing you know that it doesn’t
feel I can promise you it does not feel but
not yet but that’s like that’s how
we change you know change is about repetition
and acting and putting putting putting the
work to change no I was thinking
like that, I have often taken scores in results like
how much money comes into the account how many
more clients how many more prospects how many more
projects but I never really measure how I feel
how does everybody feel at this moment so I was
thinking of maybe switching my measurement of okay
like not measuring the money coming in every month
but maybe measuring like every day how was the
the atmosphere today how did everybody feel today how
did I feel today and check in more with people
so let go of doing stuff that is taking your
time what I take from today’s session I would say
everything you do counts from thought to action
to everything counts and everything you don’t do
here for me, I’m also training
I’m also practicing I’m also
not only talking you know I’m actually
putting in practice thank you for today

Gibran’s a little poem when he says that the children come through us, they’re not ours,

they come through us and they are part of life.

I mean I’ve been trying to understand what is this serving part, how can I serve?

And it’s just: by being yourself and just being willing to give.

So, when I’m willing to allow myself to apply,
for the job I want,

then I can just show my son that:

If you apply and you get the job then do your best and be happy!