The trap with New Year’s resolution

Make a tangible New Year’s resolution that you can do every day.

You have to choose a New Year’s resolution that’s not subjective.

A lot of people choose a too-long-term goal and that’s a mistake.

I want you to choose a tangible goal.

A goal that you’re gonna feel that you’re gonna be able to do tomorrow.

For example; I’m gonna write my book.

The goal I put for myself was clear; I’m gonna write every day for 30 minutes.

What will happen if I write every day for one year of thirty minutes?

I will make the book happen.

So choose something tangible that you can do consistently every day and I promise you that your dream will come true faster than you imagine!

Here is the result of my New Year’s resolution

What victim or blaming mindset am I using that I can stop today to achieve what I want to achieve?

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