How to administrate negative emotions
Have you ever thought “it should have been me”? Have you ever felt frustrated? Good news! Here is how you can use these negative feelings in your favor!

Jealousy and frustration

Have you ever thought “it should have been me”? Have you ever felt frustrated? Good news! Here is how you can use these negative feelings in your favor!

Do you feel jealousy? It’s a great thing! If you know how to use that.

I remember when I was not a public speaker. Every time I went to Facebook and I see somebody speaking I was like…

“I don’t like that guy. It should be me. I’m better!”

But I was not doing anything. That guy was doing it! And I start to understand then: When I’m jealous it says something about my passion.

I was never jealous of somebody that was doing Master Chef for example. If I saw a post on social media of the master chef;

“I was on the tv doing the master chef”

I didn’t even pay any attention! But if it was somebody doing a speech… or somebody working with personal development I always look a little bit… I was like:

“It should be me.”

So use your jealous feeling to think;

“Maybe there is something that direction that is related to my purpose.”

It doesn’t need to be personal development, yours can be in another area. But maybe you should pay attention to that voice that is saying;

“You could be doing something similar. That could be you doing your way.”

Just try to think in a positive way to use jealousy in your favor. I use jealous because that’s how it happened to me. And I’m a human… and that helped me to figure out which direction I was supposed to go. But you can think who you admire if you don’t resonate with jealousy. Try to be honest with this question because it can reveal something about you.

Frustration… I love frustration!

Frustration gives you clues That you are not going on the purpose-oriented road. It gives you clues. Frustration will come. It’s saying to you… It’s like that voice that will never shut up

That will say to you;

“I give you frustration so you wake up my friend. You are goal-oriented, I’m gonna make you frustrated so you wake up so you dare to go back to your path, your unique path.”

Have you ever got frustrated? We all have! I’ve been frustrated a lot before I start doing this work.

You are frustrated for a reason. Can be that you’re frustrated with a relationship. You can be frustrated in your job. You could be frustrated with your body. You could be frustrated with your money situation. But if you know how to use frustration in your favor, you get stronger, and then you go in the direction of purpose.

I remember when I was in Sweden. 13 years in Sweden and I only had one normal job. It was in school and it was like the worst days ever in my life. I was so frustrated, so frustrated that I said;

“I’m gonna use this frustration to never go back to a normal job where somebody pays my salary.”

So, I took that frustration and used it in my favor. You can turn your frustation into a drive and make it into something productive.  Frustration can bring up some courage to take some decision:

“How much more pain do I need to receive before I dare to make a decision?”

Who makes you feel jealous?

Find your WHY and your purpose will unfold

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