Your Uniqueness

I used to judge myself for my differences until I embraced my uniqueness. My differences. And using that in my favor.

I think when we are who we are we live a better life.

I don’t know if you agree with that?
I hope so… I don’t know!

When I translated my book to Portuguese, the title became:

“Only you can do you”.

We become really powerful when we start to understand that our uniqueness is our power.

Our uniqueness is what makes us connect with our purpose.

We become a lot stronger.

I remember when I started to become a public speaker and I wanted to do work with therapy and personal development.

In the beginning I was judging myself for my differences:

“But you’re too different.”

“You’re Brazilian.”

“You like capoeira.”

“Your hair is too long..”

I started to think about the difference that I had as my weakness.

For a long time, I thought like that. Too long time.

This was before I understood what I’m sharing with you today.

So, I judge myself for my differences because I wanted to look like the other who was doing what I wanted in the “right” way.

So, that took me far away from what I’m doing now.

I started to embrace my uniqueness. My differences. And using that in my favor.

So, that’s what you should do to connect with your purpose.

Your difference is your power!

I also discovered that by not loving who you really are…

It’s actually a disservice that you and we are doing to the world.

We cannot connect with our purpose if self-love is not aligned.

It’s impossible.

If you don’t love yourself you cannot connect with purpose.

So, that’s why self-development is so important because you get to know who you really are.

It’s easier for us to win the lottery than be who we are.

If my mom didn’t meet my dad…

I wouldn’t be alive today.

This is kind of a gift to ourselves when we think about that.

Because then we stop judging ourselves.

When we judge ourselves we cannot connect with purpose.

I’m trying to give different ways for you to connect with yourself, your purpose and know more about yourself.

Answer this question:

What do people compliment you on frequently?

When we live our purpose, we are who we truly are.

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