Insights with Tony Robbins
The best insights I got from my second year crewing for Tony Robbins on how to take action towards my purpose.

How to take action toward your purpose

To achieve our dreams we need 5 ingredients: energy, focus, patterns (Emotional intelligence), high standard, and certainty.

I will share the best insights I got from my second year crewing for Tony Robbins.

I was working at the event of 13,000 people when I saw a person that was a little bit lost

My intuition told me:

“This woman, she looks Brazilian.”

Then my intuition said:

“Go there and talk to her.”

Then I went there and I said:

“Do you need help?”

She said:

“Yes, yes.”

She could not speak English.

She said:

“Yes, yes.”

I felt her accent:

“Are you Brazilian?”

And she said:

“Yes! I’m Brazilian.”

Then we start speaking Portuguese.

Then she’s like:

“Oh, God, the universe or whatever send you here to talk to me!”

And then she said:

“Please, take me to the front seat, the premium seats there.”

She pointed at the seats closest to the stage of Tony Robbins.

“Please, I have a friend that’s there I need to give this here that’s in my hand to her.”

Then I thought:

“She’s trying to, you know…”

Sometimes Brazilian style has this type of trick…

She’s Brazilian… she’s trying to trick me to go to the front and sit there. I thought to myself.

But I said:

“Okay, I’m gonna do that for you.”

Then I took her to the front and thought:

“Let’s see if she gonna come back.”

She could just have tricked me to get the best seats… But she came back!

She starts talking to me:

“Thanks a lot! Thanks a lot for your help! I need your help. I need more of your help!

She continued:

“I have a dream to take Anthony Robbins to Brazil.”

I was like surprised by her big vision. She took out a paper:

“This is the project I’m going to pitch today to try to take on Tony Robbins to Brazil”

I was thinking:

“How she’s gonna do this? She can’t speak English…?!”

and then she said:

“I need your help to translate the conversation.”

I said:

“Okay! Get my Facebook and write me when you need me.”

Then she got my Facebook and I went to continue my work with the crew.

[ Pling ] She sent a message:

“Please come now they accept me to go into a meeting now in the room.”

Then I went to the room when I came to her, she was already there talking to the owner of Success Resources, without speaking any English.

And they both were laughing. I was like:

“[ __ ] what’s happening? She doesn’t speak English and they already communicating! She doesn’t even need me!”

Then she said:

“Please sit here and please help in the translation with the negotiation.”

I was sitting in the middle. Then she needs help because they were talking about money…

They were talking about taking Tony Robbins to Brazil for the first time! She could not speak English!

She could say:

“I want a beer”
“My name is Elani.” (That was her name.)
But she had something that in the end, the negotiation happened, right?

And now, Tony Robbins going to Brazil for the first time in history!

Why I’m telling you this story?

Do you think this woman, you don’t know her, you never saw her, do you think she had energy?

Do you think she had focus?

Do you think she could be the owner of her motions?

Be the owner of her patterns?

You know; mind patterns?

I think so!

Do you think she had a low standard, a medium, or a high standard?

High standard.

Do you think she had certainty?

Yes! She had a lot of certainties!

Why am I telling you this?

Because if we what to achieve our dreams…

And that’s what I got from her and this experience with Tony Robbins:

Everything that he was talking about I saw in her!

In a human being, a simple human that was naturally expressing that and that could be us also!

And that needs to be us also!

To be an Outsider is to live life the way you want.

It’s not the way I want or Tony Robbin’s way.

It’s the way you think that:

[ __ ] my life would be amazing if it was like that!

Not somebody’s telling you what it should be like. How do you decide it!

That’s to be an Outsider for me.

And to be an outsider you need to have energy.

With how much more energy you have you take better decisions.

And to achieve your goals, if you want to sell your product, do you think you’re going to make better decisions if you have a lot of energy or if you have low energy?

What do you think?

When you have a client, a prospect that you have to go there and try to sell something,

What’s the difference when you have low energy or you have high energy?

What do you think?

What’s the difference?

What’s the result if you have high energy when you do a sales call?

High energy, doesn’t mean you need to be an extrovert!

I like to talk and interact the way I’m doing but this is my uniqueness, you have to find your uniqueness!

Do you think Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is an introvert has the energy?

He applies his energy in a way that makes him take better decisions to take him to the place he wanted to go.

So, high energy!

Find your button of energy! Access your energy!

Because when you have more energy you take better decisions, okay?

Another thing: focus!

If I asked: Do you think this Brazilian woman had focus?


Why is focus important?

Focus equals feeling.

What would be her outcome if she was focused on:

“I can’t speak English!”

What do you think?

How do you think she would feel?

So, if she was focusing on:

“They will maybe not make a deal with me because I can’t speak English.”

What behavior would she have?

She would probably not take the action to do what she wanted to do.

So, focus equals feeling.

So, if you have high energy and if you focus on good things, what will your outcomes be?

Probably a lot better than if you have low energy and focus on what you can’t do.

So I learned to value:

And the third: is patterns.
Most of us don’t have a clue about how to administrate our own emotions.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking:

“What the [ __ ] is this guy talking about?”


Because you have no clue.

You can’t change what you’re not aware of.

This was a learning for me when I could not administrate my own emotions.

I didn’t even know I could administrate my emotions and direct them with my focus.

Because I was not aware that my emotion was controlling me and not me controlling my emotions, okay?

So, what do I mean by patterns?

Patterns are the habits we have.

Do you focus more on what you have or do you focus more on what’s missing in your life?

So, what’s the result of your focusing more on what you’re missing?

What do you think people focus more on?

What they can control or what they can’t control?

Most focus on what we can’t control.

When we focus on what we can’t control, what kind of feeling do we get?

Sometimes a person is depressed and they are not aware of that.

They just assume:

“I’m depressed.”

And then, of course, there are the media helping them and even their family are helping them by telling them:

“Yeah, you are depressed. I can see that. You’re depressed. Take medicine!”

But if you change the thought, if you change the question:

Why are you depressed?

Maybe you’re focusing on what you can’t control.

Maybe you’re focusing on what’s missing:

“Oh, I don’t have… “

There was a time in my life when I was focusing on what I didn’t have:

I could not speak any Swedish and I was focusing on that.

Then I start to focus on what I had, I said:

“[ __ ] I’m really intelligent. I have energy!”

So I start to focus on that and my life started to change.

Do you focus more on the past or do you focus more on the future?

We forget now, this moment! The only time we have!

Internet’s here and you can’t be average anymore, or you are out of the game.

Maybe you could 20 years ago… Nowadays, it’s not enough. It’s changing!

I’m not talking about not being balanced but if you are average nowadays…

What do you get nowadays if you’re average?

What kind of results?

If you’re an average mom, the results you get nowadays are low and poor!


You’re gonna get poor results.

If you’re average at something you’re gonna get poor results.

If you’re good nowadays you’re gonna get average results in your life.

Nowadays with the competition and with the speed of learning:

If you’re a good lover you’re gonna lose your man!

Or you gonna lose your woman!

Do you know what I’m saying?


Because you’re just good, that means you’re average.

If you make home pages and you’re just good…

Nowadays there is a guy in China or there is a guy in Japan sitting and outworking you.

They’re gonna beat you because you’re just good

So we need to become more than good we need to become excellent.

An excellent means your results going to be good, yeah?

With the “outsider” mindset you don’t even think to be excellent.

You think to be outstanding!

You think outstanding so you become excellent.

And to be an outsider as I told you in the beginning:

What’s to be an Outsider?

That’s you live the life you want to live.

If I ask you:

Are you living the life you are choosing exactly?

Most don’t even tell the truth to themselves…

To live life on your terms the way you want you need to be playing:

“The two millimeters rule”

To go to the Olympics you only can be outstanding, right?

If you go to the Olympics, you can’t be good.

The good runners don’t go to the Olympics.

They don’t get a place.

The excellent runners don’t get a place only the outstanding go to the Olympics.

Or to another kind of top-level competition, right?

But in the competition, if a person gets third place what do they get?

Bronze medal.

Then after one day, everybody forgot him, right?

Maybe his mom gonna remember him and his girlfriend.

But the general will forget him.

In the second place, we get a little bit better awards and attention.

But the first one, the one who won by two millimeters will get everything!

But everything depends on your standard.

What if you put 2 millimeters more towards your dream today, what will happen?

Level up your standard!

Because you’ll be getting closer to your dream.

Do you think the Brazilian woman had certainty?

Total certainty!

So that is power!

If I don’t have certainty in what I’m writing, you would feel and I wouldn’t be able to keep your attention.

So, that Brazilian woman had a lot of certainties.

I got amazed at how much certainty she had, without speaking English she took Tony Robbins to Brazil.. that’s crazy, brother!

She had energy, she had certainty, she had focus and she had a high standard to make it happen.

To achieve our dreams we need to improve our:
1. Energy
2. Focus
3. Pattern (Emotional intelligence)
4. High standard
5. Certainty

What can you do to improve these 5 ingredients?

Do you focus more on what you have or do you focus more on what’s missing in your life?

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